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Shower Tray FAQ


I would like a tray in a different material than you offer.Is this possible?


We have selected the materials we show very carefully as they have to be suitable for the complicated machining involved.Marble as an example has been used for generations for baths etc.We will not use Travertine however due to the unpredictable nature of the material and we carefully select only the most suitable materials.Limestones often have fossils and shell fragments which are characteristic of this material thus every tray produced in this material will be different.If you require a tray that has no fossils or shell fragments select a Quartz Stone.


Why use a Composite Stone


A popular alternative to natural stone or Marble is a composite stone.This remarkable material often used for worktops is extremely durable and looks identical to some Limestones and Marbles.It has the advantage of being very predictable,very durable and is very complimentary to many Travertines and polished Marbles.This material is available in a wide selection of natural shades and is increasingly used particularly in larger trays or where a contemporary theme is required.Composite trays have the advantage that they offer minimal maintainance.


Is there a limit to the size of tray you produce


Yes 1500 x 1000 x 30mm is usually our largest tray in natural materials but we can produce up to 3000 x 1400mm in composite stone.We can also produce complex shapes,please send a sketch of your requirements.


Tray Design


We produce two basic design options


1/ Standard fall to waste,a typical "fall" is approximately 6mm


2/Wave or "terraced"tray.This gives an attractive appearance with gentle steps falling towards the waste


Position of waste


We can position the waste to suit you.Always ensure that they are not over a joist and you have sufficient clearance for the waste housing.See McAlpine Waste drawing.The waste must be 250mm from any edge with a standard fall and 250mm with a "wave" tray.The waste always looks better in the centre of a wave tray.


You require approximately 85mm clearance beneath the tray.The Chrome flange fits directly into the tray,apply a bead of silicone around the flange recess before fitting and ensure the flange is secure and watertight.


Type of waste


Our standard waste is a McAlpine Hi Flow waste with an approximate flow rate of 45 litres/minute.


McAlpine ST90CPB-P-HP 90mm x 50mm with 2" multifit outlet.Chrome plated brass flange.Height 85mm


It is important to ensure that the fall away from the waste is sufficient for the water flow and pipework should be angled appropriately to ensure this as it can effect the flow rate of the outlet


Can you produce deeper trays


All our minimal trays are 30mm thick.We can produce 50mm thick trays in natural stone or marble but not Quartzstone


Are the trays sealed and will I have to reseal


We seal all our natural material trays.It certainly does not hurt to re apply this sealer and it is a very simple procedure but you must ensure the tray is completely clean and totally dry.The sealer should be applied following the instructions on the container.A typical period is every 6 months.


Lines and variations in Limestone and Marble trays.


These are natural materials and variances will always occur,this is considered part of the appeal of natural materials.Most Limestones can show very fine lines that resemble fine cracks,these are not cracks or faults but are called Quartz lines and are probably the strongest part of the stone.Limestones often show fossils and shell fragments,this is a characteristic of this natural material.If you require complete predictability of shade and no variations select a composite stone.


What about the subfloor


You must adequately support the total area of the tray on a perfectly smooth surface,30mm Backer board designed for applications such as this is ideal.You cannot lay the tray directly onto the joists.


Glass grooves


We can incorporate a groove in the tray on any side to suit 10mm toughened glass.You can obtain a glass panel locally from most glass suppliers.


What is the delivery time


It depends on how busy we are but we try to produce within 7/10 working days from receipt of order.


How do I order or get a quote


We need a sketch of the tray you require showing..



position of the waste outlets

position of glass groove if required

Any features such as "lead in"

Send as an attachment or Fax.If you are unsure about anything call us 0121 784 6800 and we will try to help


We then create a detailed drawing which we return to you for approval.Once you have approved this,we can proceed.


Where can I see some examples of trays and tiles.


We have a selection of trays in different materials on show in our showrooms,most in bathroom settings together with the matching or complimentary tiles.If you decide to visit please bring a simple sketch of your bathroom and any ideas you wish to incorporate.We also produce matching vanity units and furniture.


Fitting your tray.


You must adequately support the total area of the tray on a perfectly smooth surface,30mm Backer board designed for applications such as this is ideal.You cannot lay the tray directly onto the joists.


The tray can be bedded onto a suitable flexible tile adhesive supporting the whole tray.It is very important to ensure the tray is perfectly level particularly with a central waste tray.


The McAlpine waste chrome flange fits directly into the tray and is designed to sit just below the level of the tray.



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